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 Norwood Chinchilla's 

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Welcome to Norwood Chinchilla's. This page was updated July 6, 2015. Currently I have three chinchilla's ready for adoption. All three are pet quality animals. I do not have any show quality animals for sale at the current time. 

Please note I will be out of my office July 18-27. And my web host is being difficult, and my photo's are sideways. Sorry about that. My hands are tied to fix it. I can send you a photo that is correct in appearance. Photo's below are in order to animals listed. 

Mosaic female born 8-28-2014." Miss Blaze". Asking $125

Mosaic male born 2-8-13. "Blizzard". Asking $125.

Standard gray male born 7-29-14. "Rush". Asking $75.

All sales are cash. Animals can be held with a deposit with half payment. The rest payable on pick up. I do not deliver. YOU MUST HAVE A CARRIER TO PICK UP YOUR ANIMALS!! Animals come with one pound of feed to get them started in their new homes. 

If you have any further questions, you can contact me at

Thanks, Alex


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