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 Norwood Chinchilla's 

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                                         Welcome to Norwood Chinchilla's

This page was updated January 15th, 2015

 I am a hobby chinchilla breeder located near Richmond Virginia.  My herd consists of animals from Hummel, Shoots, Godin and Hendryx. Some lines contain works from McGrady, Ritterspach, Dark Star and Somavia.

 My animals are bred for show. From time to time I will have an animal that will not make the cut for showing and will be placed up for adoption as a pet without a pedigree being offered. Currently I am working standard gray, black velvet, and ebony lines.

 I am a member of the MCBA, ( Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association ) and my ranch brand is MNOR.

   If you have any questions, please contact me at:






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